Griffon Summer Camp

A regenerative community experience

family friendly

July 31 - August 6th

Or visit us on the open day

Friday August 4th
Summer Camp fest

Chemin du Griffon, Ottignies
l’Arbre qui pousse)

More info and pictures here 

What is the Griffon Summer Camp? 🏕️

The camp centers around the practice of intentional community living. For one or two weeks, we live, play, work, build, create, relax and learn together based on the principles of care and respect for ourselves, for the land, the community around us and for the planet.  

We create an experience that finds the balance between relaxing, spending time with (new) friends and family, connecting to the land and nourishing our mind and body.

We set up our camp in the beautiful domain of L'Arbre qui Pousse and experience the rejuvenating power of living in community and spending time together.

🎯 The goal of this summer camp is

  • To reconnect, with ourselves, with the people around us, and with the land
  • To learn from each other and embrace the diversity in all of us
  • To regenerate and experience the rejuvenating power of living in an intentional community
  • To contribute to the community and to L'Arbre qui Pousse and to leave L'Arbre qui Pousse better then before we arrived

Is this camp for you and your friends/family? 👪 🕺

We invite everyone who is willing to engage in community living for one or two weeks. Whether you come with your whole family, or with friends, or on your own, everybody is welcome. Active contribution of every participant is required to make the camp work.

What do the days look like?  🏖️ 🥾 🔅

During the camp we use Open Space Technology, aka unconference style, within a day schedule. This will create a daily rhythm, the heartbeat of the experience. We open and close everyday with a plenary. In this plenary we connect, we share, and we create the rest of the day with ideas from the group. During the day various workshops can be offered by anyone in the community.

What activities can I expect? 🏸 🤸 🥁 ⚒️

Cooking workshops, wood workshops (perhaps building a pizza oven and Norwegian hot tub ?), workshops on NVC and deep democracy, ping pong tournaments, board game nights, parties, no talent shows, walks in the woods, gardening, yoga, hide and seek, … anything.

How much does it cost? 💸

Everyone is responsible for their own accommodation (see below). Then we will self-organise and share costs (mostly food but also maybe some material for various workshops offered by the community).

The base price of the summer camp is 100 € per a week/person

This includes:- Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

The food budget is 15 € / day. (~ 5 per meal)

For kids under between 4-12 years old it's 50 €
 per week/person and accommodates for free.

- Kids under 4 go for free!

💰 +  We will send out a voluntary contributing a link to a shared budget for the Camp. This budget will be used during the summer camp, and we all will decide for what collectively on spot. More info will follow!


Possible options : prices indicates per week

  • 280 € 1 Room in Corps de logis (3-4 ppl rooms) at La Matrice Campus : See pictures here
  • 220 € 1 Glamping tent (fits 3-4 ppl) La Matrice Campus (bring your own mattress and sleeping bags, access to shared shower, bath, kitchen indoor space in La Matrice)
  • 65 € Bring your own tent / per person / week

Pppsst! Children under 12 can stay for free.  

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